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Rear radiator fan??

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I took my Stingray on its first long drive this weekend -- Jax to Naples -- I got countless thumbs-up from passing cars and bikes -- yes I was going that slow. Anyway, when I arrived down south after five hours of driving I heard what sounds like an electric fan running back behind the cockpit? Same thing when I got home last evening… I had not heard of them having aux fans in the rear area so I'm wondering if anyone can help clear this up for me?
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The fan is for automatics. I watched my Z51 manual get built - no fan behind the driver-side rear wheel, but the differential cooler was installed on the passenger side.
Thank you Zoz! Glad you have first hand knowledge. Could you please amplify/correct my following understandings:

On your passenger side, you have both a radiator and a fan (for the Z-51 differential cooling);

On the driver side, you have a radiator but no fan. Or do I have it wrong, in that you have neither the radiator, nor the fan on the driver's side.

Thanks for helping us all learn!
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