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Rear radiator fan??

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I took my Stingray on its first long drive this weekend -- Jax to Naples -- I got countless thumbs-up from passing cars and bikes -- yes I was going that slow. Anyway, when I arrived down south after five hours of driving I heard what sounds like an electric fan running back behind the cockpit? Same thing when I got home last evening… I had not heard of them having aux fans in the rear area so I'm wondering if anyone can help clear this up for me?
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But it is an automatic, correct?

This is the drivers side radiator with fan for the auto trans. The only cars that would not have any radiators back there are base model manuals.

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Yes, it's an automatic. And this makes a lot of sense. After cruising for 5+ hours she's sure to get a bit warm. Thank you again for the clarification. I'll have to go through the operator's manual again to see if there's a mention of its operation. Thanks again.
Well, be all this as it may, the folks at the dealer or someone on the Corvette team should have made mention of this little detail. I was cruising down I-75 and suddenly I start hearing this fan whine coming from behind me -- I thought I had tire failure or something. I pulled off and gave it a quick inspection and didn't find anything. Then when I restarted the noise went away for a few miles then started up again. It's a detail, but poor information/training is becoming a strike on the wrong side of the ledger for the C7 team.
So it was the fan that came on @ speed and you heard it? That creates several questions in my mind; Was there an overtemp., and if there was, why, what caused it? I am thinking if you heard it @ interstate speeds it must have been pretty loud, which can't be a good thing.
Well, there was certainly no indication of any over temp on the dash gauges. Of course I don't have a clue if there's an indicator for the transmission. It may be just a normal situation sort of like an electric radiator fan kicking in to supplement the ambient air cooling -- maybe not. Unfortunately, without any viable documentation to reference from Chevrolet -- in the form of a good operating handbook -- I'll have to put my trust in the dealer. Whom, by the way I just called, but their Corvette tech was unavailable. I'll keep you posted.
Just got off the phone with the dealer. First they thought it may be the fuel pump, but when I said the car was running fine, well then they backed off on that idea?? Actually, it's clear they have no idea -- so I need to find time to take it in and get it diagnosed. I'll keep you all posted.
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