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Rear radiator fan??

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I took my Stingray on its first long drive this weekend -- Jax to Naples -- I got countless thumbs-up from passing cars and bikes -- yes I was going that slow. Anyway, when I arrived down south after five hours of driving I heard what sounds like an electric fan running back behind the cockpit? Same thing when I got home last evening… I had not heard of them having aux fans in the rear area so I'm wondering if anyone can help clear this up for me?
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Does anyone know if there is a "over temp" indication if there is a fan failure, or obstructed duct? Also, do you think there is a dedicated warning to indicate this (if it were to happen) within the displays on the dash?
... I was cruising down I-75 and suddenly I start hearing this fan whine coming from behind me -- I thought I had tire failure or something...
So it was the fan that came on @ speed and you heard it? That creates several questions in my mind; Was there an overtemp., and if there was, why, what caused it? I am thinking if you heard it @ interstate speeds it must have been pretty loud, which can't be a good thing.
This implies that it is a closed system without any airflow from under the car being involved. I suspect like you, I have to wonder why? Especially if a fan is required when the car is at speed. What happens on a hot Fla. day in traffic? Do keep us posted. By the way, I changed the title of your thread to Rear Radiator Fan. I hope that's OK.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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