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SO, obviously if you already own one, you don't need to do this. However, if you're like us and were looking to rent one before you decide to buy, I wanted to pass along some info. I actually busted my butt to find a rental place this February that was one of the first places to have them, and we flew to Phoenix for a long weekend to 'test' the car before deciding to buy. We probably won't do another rental before our car is here, but yaneverknow!

My husband went to Phoenix in May and happened to notice some C7s sitting at Avis. We searched hi and low, but couldn't find any whiff of them in the Avis site as bookable. Curious.

Then we showed up on Las Vegas last week, and saw a silver one with a black stinger stripe at Hertz. We DID stop there and ask questions since we were renting from Hertz already. Turns out THAT girl said that you couldn't often rent them in advance, but if they had one available you could ASK about upgrading and how much that would cost you. We were renting at about $40/day for the car we already had reserved and she said it would be $150 more per day at that moment. We only needed it for a weekend. So, upgrades on the spot only, not pre-reserve.

We passed since we knew the car would sit in the Aria parking lot most of this particular weekend.. and we didn't want to be out tooling around in 110 degrees.

Coincidentally, I was going to Las Vegas primarily for a travel agent conference that ran the entire next work week. Hertz happens to be one of our major suppliers, so I could ask one on one questions of the Hertz kinda high-up knowledgeable sales person. SO, I did! She got back to me today with this answer:

C7s are available in LA, Las Vegas, SF, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando and Phoenix. They ARE bookable as pre-reservation if they have enough inventory. Sometimes they don't have very many, so they would NOT show. Many times they're sold out.

The SSIP code is FXAR (car type code), and the Hertz car class code is Z6. (Its just a class code in Hertz' system, don't get your panties in a bunch that it mentions a 6. LOL!) For a quicker search, use the 'adrenaline collection'.

I found it at SFO 7/29 to 7/30 (a weekday 24 hours) for $420 ++. Youza. Paying to 'upgrade' is much better!

That's all I know, but I thought I'd share!

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