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The good and the bad:

The bad- Dave Smith Motors in Kellog, ID. I was warned by another forum member by phone conversation that they were not telling the truth about when you are price protected. Last years GM bulletin, pasted onto the forum said that once a customer order is placed (1100) the customer will be price protected in case of an increase. Ray at the Corvette section there, said that that wouldn't happen until GM takes the order. (2000) This is not correct. They said this to the other forum member and to me.

The good- Les Stanford in Michigan. They will do a military discount (so far but may be extended until June 30th), a credit union discount, and a USAA discount that can be combined with either the military or the credit union discount. They also agreed to my request for a backup plan of 3K off MSRP in case both offers expire. (Which is probably unlikely.) This is dependent though on who you talk to. I had a bad experience with Erik, the internet sales manager, at Les Stanford but a very good experience with Dennis, another salesman at Les Stanford.

I have a 1,000 deposit at Les Stanford now for a 2015 Z51 3LT. I was number two with Dave Smith, but feel much more comfortable with Les Stanford even though I'm number 57 with them. Tons more allocations at Les Stanford vs. Dave Smith if you believe both verbals on this too. I'm canceling my Dave Smith deposit.
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