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Welcome to our forum as a supporting vendor RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands!:cool:

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Thank you special offer...

Thanks guys for the welcome. We're here to help support Stingray Forums and also our dealers and fellow sponsoring Stingray Forums vendors Southern Car Parts and Corvette Mods. These dealers have been successful building a base Corvette owners who are enjoying the look and performance of their RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands. Time for us to give a little something back...

We'd like to offer a 50% rebate to the first 3 Stingray forum members who post reviews of their experience with Wheel Bands purchased from Corvette Mods or Southern Car Parts. This offer is good for anyone who has already purchased Wheel Bands from one of these dealers or is rushing on to purchase a set now.

A few things to know about RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands...

How the two pieces (mounting track and color insert) work together for easy installation...

Product Text Font Technology Brand

How much of a flat space on your wheel you need for mounting...

Tire Automotive tire Alloy wheel Wheel Rim

How they look...

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Supercar

Other info...

RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands are a DIY product but their look is factory finish and showroom quality. It's why you will find them on display in dealerships.

First timers can get an installation done in under an hour. There is no need for working with a pre-application primer our trying to survive a week driving your Stingray under 40MPH while the tape bond sets. After getting your wheels squeaky clean from any residual silicone tire shine, RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands tape right on with the same bonding technology used in tape-on wheel weights. As soon as installation is complete you are ready to hit the road at any speeds you might need to challenge the first Hellcat or Tesla S you run across.

After two years of field evaluation, we have also just released Wheel Bands with an upgraded attachment tape. The new tape solves the problem of what happens when you bugger up a Wheel Band on a curb and need to replace it. Rather than working a solution of 10% Goof Off and 90% elbow grease to get the residual tape adhesive off a wheel, the new tape releases with the Wheel Band from the surface of painted and clear coat wheels like a molecular sized version of Velco. On hard chrome wheels any residual tape left after removal can be easily skimmed off with a razor blade.

A black mounting track with a Torch Red color insert has been our most popular seller. It provides an elegant and refined pinstripe effect on the wheel. For those looking for something just a bit more loud and brash, we have just introduced a red mounting track option that widens the red color effect. No need to limit your pinstripe color to red though there are 10 insert colors to choose from.

Let us know what questions you have and we'll get you the most up to date answers we have.

Thanks for checking out RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands!
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