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Sales slowing?

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It appears that the cost increase as well as fulfilling initial demand may finally be slowing the sales rate. usually had about 1800 C7s for sale and now it is climbing quickly in the last week to almost 2200. Additionally at least one forum dealer is now offering $5k off convertibles.

Or perhaps it is that people are now waiting for the 2015 with the multitude of changes.

It will be interesting to see what the discounts will be on leftover 2014s in another month or two, and if the demand for 2015s stays steady.

My guess is that GM will have to start including more content for no price increase as there just is not a market for $65-80k Corvettes to the tune of 20000 units/year. The >35000 units/year occurred last decade during the days of home price appreciation allowing equity to be used to splurge on toys, but also when the Corvette was not as expensive.
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For sure as the initial group of buyers who have to have one...get one (I get mine in a week). Sales will settle into a pattern of having to need to be sold vs taking orders. With the greatness of this 7th generation I would think 2015 will be strong with all the Z06 magazine test drives and exposure which will also help sales of base & Z51 models. In 2016 the magazine exposure will be over and advertising will need to be used to bring in new buyers who's Porsche or jaguar lease is expiring. They don't need to advertise to us...existing Corvette owners, we are the "choir" who will purchase another one when finances permit.
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What we call collectibility is in reality a manufacturer producing 1 less item then what they guess the market will purchase. Over production drives down prices forcing rebates, incentives etc.
they do things a little differently at this dealership. you spec out your car, they order and upon arrival give you a call to "claim" the car within a 48 hour window. you dont have to put down a deposit, let alone talk price until the car arrives at the dealership.
That's sounds like it's all in the dealers favor. The customer is all hot to drive home a new car after the wait and then they "dangle" a price at you.
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