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Sales slowing?

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It appears that the cost increase as well as fulfilling initial demand may finally be slowing the sales rate. usually had about 1800 C7s for sale and now it is climbing quickly in the last week to almost 2200. Additionally at least one forum dealer is now offering $5k off convertibles.

Or perhaps it is that people are now waiting for the 2015 with the multitude of changes.

It will be interesting to see what the discounts will be on leftover 2014s in another month or two, and if the demand for 2015s stays steady.

My guess is that GM will have to start including more content for no price increase as there just is not a market for $65-80k Corvettes to the tune of 20000 units/year. The >35000 units/year occurred last decade during the days of home price appreciation allowing equity to be used to splurge on toys, but also when the Corvette was not as expensive.
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I know we're seeing allot of buzz about the much anticipated Z06 and it appears there's going to be a huge demand, particularly at the beginning, but I keep remembering what a very reliable source told me while putting down a deposit on the Z06. Even with very impressive numbers of deposits made, we're looking at the Z06 either approaching or going over $100K, depending on selected options, which is about $40K more than the base 1LZ Stingray. I was advised approximately 30% of those placing deposits drop out for various reasons from divorces to financial downturns. In those years during recessions, the drop out rate has increased to as much as 40%. So, unless there's a major change in past statistics, I'm anticipating the initial pre-sales or pre-orders to drop off substantially from all the buzz that's going on right now. There's also a number of individual that are planning on waiting for the 2016-2017 MY in order to avoid the first year woes. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the initial surge for the Z06 is going to be brisk, I just have the feeling it's not going to be overwhelming like the Stingray. These are just my thoughts and personal opinion based on what I've read and heard. I could be totally wrong here.
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