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Sales slowing?

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It appears that the cost increase as well as fulfilling initial demand may finally be slowing the sales rate. usually had about 1800 C7s for sale and now it is climbing quickly in the last week to almost 2200. Additionally at least one forum dealer is now offering $5k off convertibles.

Or perhaps it is that people are now waiting for the 2015 with the multitude of changes.

It will be interesting to see what the discounts will be on leftover 2014s in another month or two, and if the demand for 2015s stays steady.

My guess is that GM will have to start including more content for no price increase as there just is not a market for $65-80k Corvettes to the tune of 20000 units/year. The >35000 units/year occurred last decade during the days of home price appreciation allowing equity to be used to splurge on toys, but also when the Corvette was not as expensive.
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Well thought out "johnu." The comparatively lower amount of sales of other Corvette models in 2015, could allow GM to produce more Z06's in its 2015 six-month production year.

About six months ago Tadge Juechter said we have learned our lessons from C6 production, that it is not long term efficient to go to a second shift to temporarily produce more cars. He took flak for that statement, made at a time of week after week of constraints, but it will turn out years from now, that he was right.

However, regarding the question raised in the original post, which used analysis based on a short term look into inventory, that could be a short term anomaly. Six months from now, or better yet a year from now, we can better gauge Corvette sales, to see if sales are becoming soft, or not. However, with 2014 StingRay sales goal of 25,000 to 30,000 units, and with a current projected 37,000 units produced this year, even if is correct and there are 2,200, or even 3,0000 unsold, that would be way, way less than the car industry's, cross-brand long term desired goal of maintaining an inventory stock of 60 days at dealerships -- in fact just be a one month dealership supply.
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What will limit 2015 Z06 production is only one thing (short of another major recession as Glen mentioned above), and that is the capability of its part suppliers to produce more quality parts. Even five months ago, Harlan Charles said there would be Z06 constraints during the 2015 model year, mentioning especially Z07 carbon-ceramics brakes and carbon fiber aero parts (which we know also effect stage 2 visible carbon fiber aero pieces). (He did not mention, nor did he preclude other parts.)

Perhaps those who are willing to purchase stage 1's might not experience a constraint (or experience a lesser constraint)? Sound familiar, i.e., a total parallel with dealer's this year calling their Z-51 customers and asking, "if you are willing to drop your Z-51 option, I have allocation for a base Corvette in this week's consensus?" Deja vu ahead.
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I hope this is not the case as I would hate for someone to settle due to restraints on certain parts. Does anyone know exactly what the difference is between stage 1 and stage 2? Besides the visible carbon fiber?
Nothing! Hence, why if the CFV visible carbon fiber aero stage 2 pieces were to go on constraint, preventing a stage 2 order from being accepted, aftermarket options, such as we already have and will have more of from our great forum vendors, will be very attractive to many.
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Might well be the case. I'll likely hold out for exactly what I ordered with little room for compromise. Hopefully that will not seriously delay delivery!
Fully agreed that while maybe one or two "minor" options might be okay to removed, my key options will not be ones willing to compromise on. Do not buy a new Corvette very few years, rather once per generation, and therefore will not compromise on my key "must haves."

However, as being discussed in more detail in linked thread, there will be great options if the visible CFZ pieces (CFV) were to hold up a stage 2 order (as that specific option was mentioned by Harlan as a probable constraint item).
Interesting to note that after a couple of constraint cycles not showing a constraint on the Z-51 package, it's back today, at 55%.
While I do not "multiple dealer deposit," know many who have already placed themselves on several dealer's Z06 lists. Hence, we are going to have a lot of folks who for this additional reason, drop off the current Z06 lists.

When the StingRay came out, more than a few folks ordered them, but when their StingRay arrived at the dealership, their attempts to get their loan failed. Several friends were able to locate/buy a StingRay as far back as last October as a result of others' financial issues. This also going to happen not just to additional StingRay buyers, but even more so for Z06 folks, especially for those who, another compounding factor, failed to confirm ahead that they can get insurance at an acceptable rate for the Z.

However, financing capability, and the ability to get reasonable cost insurance are both going to also have some effect on some StingRay purchasers, especially as the StingRay is getting a lot other brand buyers to step up and buy their first Corvette.

Yet, all in all, 2015 StingRay sales will continue to be very, very strong, and Z06's will be in very, very short supply at a reasonable price.
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Paraphrasing the Mark Twain saying, "the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, let's try...,

"The rumors of StingRays sales slowing down have been greatly exaggerated."

"Texas2Gun"'s example is so valid, and one more reason why the idea that Corvette sales are slowing is not accurate, certainly not in the context of every car manufacturer wanting, as is considered healthy and desirable, to have a 60-day supply of Corvettes at dealerships. Do not know the current number, but willing to guess we are about half that at dealerships at this time. And, as Z06 manufacturing enters the mix at the Plant, probably in ramp up mode in November, then full production mode in January, that will further reduce the supply of StingRays.

Many were seduced last September, when on a another forum, repeated "pundits" declared, we shall see at least $5K under list by Spring (three months ago), yet what most people experienced was the March 3rd $3,200 Z-51 price increase. And, how many Z-51 orderers thus waited, but then got shut out of 2014's entirely.

As "mjw930" has posted twice, do not be surprised by a November 1st price StingRay increase.

Yes, waiting will work, probably get you a lower price, but not for a fairly long while, probably not sooner than the 2016 model year. However, do not forget to factor in at least two StingRay Price increases between now and then, and for 2016 Z06 "wait'rs," Harlan just as much told us (at the New York Auto Show) that, repeating C6 Z06 history, expect a $5,000 price increase for MY 2016 Z06's.
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Even if it gets to 4000, doesn't mean that we're going to invoice pricing for long time, and if folks are waiting for that date to come, they certainly are going to pass through at least one more price increase before we see invoice pricing. Again the strategy of waiting to get a lower price was tried one year ago, and resulted in lots of pain for lots of folks.

The StingRay is increasingly of interest to wider and wider segments. As long as that happens, sales are not going to slow appreciably for a while. For example, at one high school, there were 30 StingRays in the student parking lot. This car remains hot, and not just to the previous 55-70 year old segment.
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Another great sales month, 3,060 Corvettes sold in July.
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