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Samsung Galaxy S5 compatibility...

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Did a quick search but failed to find anything...

Anyone have a Samsung Mobile paired to their infotanment system? I've got it paired and working hands free wise but can't bring up any of the music. Went to media but keep getting "no artist found". Tried hooking up via USB but no luck...

Anyone have similar issues?

TIA & Mahalo!

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Thanks for the replies gents!

Actually it just started working today, 100%. Contacts, voice dialed numbers, and music.

Completely removed it (the S5) from mylink, deleted mylink from the S5's Bluetooth. Paired again, checked the pop-up asking to allow contacts/content to be shared.

So far so good, still working ;)

Again Mahalo,

Yo Boomah:
Sounds like your car may have been just a little sea sick from it's long voyage over to the Islands. Congrats. I am trying to workout issues with my IPod shuffle not working. I hate this no CD thing ahhh Old school I guess............:cool:
LOL, and I was just thinking about going the iPod nano route... Just leaving one hooked up behind the MFD.

Actually I just dropped the car off in Long Beach, post coast to coast drive. A fun 3294 miles of interstate construction, bugs, and severe thunderstorms (one with tornado). I'd do it all again, I love this car!!! And now the wait for it to arrive in the islands begins, hopefully it's not too sea sick when it gets here LOL ;)

Ahu hou,

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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