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Screen Shot

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Could someone please post a picture of Settings-Blueetooth. I need to see the last seeting if present called text alerts. If you look on infotainment manual on pg 69-70 it says if equipped. If it is present please let me know what interior pkg you installed. Thank you
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Thxs! Just need to see screen shot so if you have available, i will need to show my salesman anf the gm rep who ive been talking to.
Not necessarily an Apple thing. I bluetoothed a Galaxy phone and it still was absent from my screen. So if anyone has a car please take the picture.
Thanks Talon. How do you know this? Are there plans to add this software in our cars?

Thanks Again
Talon if these apps are available in the future will they be provided to us? I bought the 3lt pkg. should this be included? Or is it an ala carte item?
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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