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Seat memory issues with A8 transmission?

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I have read all the postings about the seat memory issues with the M7 transmission. I am having the same issues with my car with an A8 transmission.
Facts--seat moves to the memorized exit position when exiting the car. Settings is set to return to the memorized seat position when the ignition button is pressed.
Seat will not consistently move to #1 position when the ignition is engaged, so I have to hit the #1 button to return the seat to the preferred driving position. It works occasionally but not ever time.
Also getting the system to memorize a position does not work consistently when in the car with the engine running. If I turn the engine off then the system works as described in the manual, but with the engine running it sometimes returns to the old memorized seat position rather than memorizing the new position.
I may have a software problem but checking to see if any others with A8 transmissions are having similar issues.
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Thanks for your thoughts. I read the challenges with the seat memory function posted elsewhere on this forum so the exit position is not all the way back. I have only used one FOB since I got the car so FOB confusion is not causing the problem. As I noted above the problem is the same as those with the M7 transmission--exit position works but return to driving position using the On Start option does not work. I have to hit the #1 button. It does not move to the #2 position or any other movement. It just stays in the exit position until I hit the #1 button. I have been to the dealer. They played with it and got it to work once but then it failed again. The service manager is now talking to GM but they want the car left there. I am having fun driving it so pressing the button is an ok fix until I have to leave it at the dealer for an oil change or whatever. Meanwhile postings re seat memory problems is a topic on numerous corvette forums so maybe someone will realize they have a recurring problem.
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Thanks for advice. No they did not do anything you recommended. I will ask them to do so.
FOB 1 is the one I put in my pocket when I first started the car. FOB 2 is the one I left in the house. Obviously I have no idea how to tell the difference!
Thanks for the heads up on identifying the FOBs. I found I was using FOB2 to try to get the seat to go to memory position #1. Looks like the problem is solved which means I have nothing more to do than enjoy my C7.

It could be that many of the seat memory issues posted on this and other corvette web sites are based upon the lack of knowledge of the difference in the two remotes. I found nothing in the manual that tells the owner that the two remotes are programmed differently.

This is above my pay grade, but I wonder if when owners take the car to the dealer to have the system reset, the resetting process may pair the memory system with the remote the owner gave to the dealer when the car is in for service. So when the owner picks up the car all is fixed since the remote now responds to reset memory system. Just a thought.

Thanks again.
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