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Seat memory issues with A8 transmission?

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I have read all the postings about the seat memory issues with the M7 transmission. I am having the same issues with my car with an A8 transmission.
Facts--seat moves to the memorized exit position when exiting the car. Settings is set to return to the memorized seat position when the ignition button is pressed.
Seat will not consistently move to #1 position when the ignition is engaged, so I have to hit the #1 button to return the seat to the preferred driving position. It works occasionally but not ever time.
Also getting the system to memorize a position does not work consistently when in the car with the engine running. If I turn the engine off then the system works as described in the manual, but with the engine running it sometimes returns to the old memorized seat position rather than memorizing the new position.
I may have a software problem but checking to see if any others with A8 transmissions are having similar issues.
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2 things to check:

1. Make sure the exit position IS NOT all the way back. If the seat engages the seat limit switch automatic functions are disabled.
2. Make sure you are always using the same FOB. Each FOB is tied to a memory location (1 or 2) so if you have a different FOB in your hand or pocket the seat will go to a different position. For example, you may have FOB 2 in your pocket but are saving to memory position 1. When you use the "On Start" option the seat will go to position 2, not the new setting you just did for position 1.
While at the dealer did they take the time to refresh the code in the seat memory module? That should have been the first thing they did. If that was done it sounds like a sensor is either failing or disconnected, they need to run a full sensor test on the car. Those tests access each sensor and can pick up issues that may not push a code.
How do you tell FOB 1 from FOB 2?
1. Set different seat positions for Memory 1 and Memory 2
2. Enable "On Door Open" in the memory recall setting
3. Move the seat to the exit position, assuming that is not all the way back hitting the rear limit sensor
4. Press the unlock button on your FOB

The position the seat goes to, memory 1 or memory 2, will tell you which FOB # the FOB you just pressed unlock on is.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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