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Seeking advise in a Stingray manufactured in Sep 2013

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I was interested in a Stingray with only 3500 miles on odometer. According to its Carfax report, this Stingray was manufactured in Sep 2013. The Carfax report also shows that it was never sold to any individual owner. My guess is that it was probably used as press or demo car. The dealer who sells this Stingray actually bought 3 of these from auction. The car looks fine but I have some concern about the manufacturing date. Sep 2013 appears to belong to one of those early Stingray batches Chevy produced. I wonder if there is any potential risk associated with such early production batch? You advise is greatly appreciated.
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Between the price and unclear history, I would not buy this car under any circumstances. None. Zip. Nada.
It has been mentioned before, that until A8 Z06 cars are being produced in volume, M7 Z06 will be reasonably available. After that, pent up A8 Z06 demand will significantly reduce the number of "excess" M7 Z06 being built. In other words, NOW is the time to get a M7 Z06.

As for getting an A8 Z06, there is, an will be for some time, buyers lined up with their name on a reservation list that will be served first. People just entering the market for an A8 Z06 might have to wait for some time...maybe even 2016 MY.
...I am sure my new z51 has no vibrators in it when I purchased it new... :p
Not necessarily true. Fire up the mighty LT1 and yank a few spark plug wires. The thing will turn into a cocktail shaker! :D
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