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Seeking Canadian 2015 Z06 Allocation

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Been a good day all around as my original C7 order has finally had plant acceptance BUT....

I am now seeking a Canadian 2015 ZO6 allocation if ANYBODY knows of one! Thanks in advance!!!

Price is to good to resist and the car is that much harder to acquire in Canada... We are getting like 27 in total!
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Yes.... I spoke with Kaz from Timmins a few hours ago on the phone... He got that order in Montreal and is VERY appreciative. I am looking for MSRP and spent the day checking out the luck.
YUp Brossard will be getting back to me and two offers pm'd to me for sale of the allocation with a premium. As much as I understand business, not one to love those who grabs such things just to resell at a profit. It is like scalping car allocations. Having said that, I am not saying that these two did that at all, but it just leaves a bad taste is all. If you don't want it, pass it on to someone who genuinely loves the car rather than the higher bidder, who just may be someone who doesnt give a shit but can afford and has to have it.

I have to say I respect the Corvette team and Chevy/GM even more for exactly this reason; they could have tagged 5K to that base price and people still would have bragged how cheap it was.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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