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Seized 02 Sensors in manifolds!!

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Hey everyone...just a heads up.

Seems the issues we faced with the 5th gen Camaro exists with the new Vette as well. 75% of the C7's that come in here for header installs have seized front 02 sensors FROM THE FACTORY. Seems like the heat generated at that particular spot on the manifold is causing the threads to "weld" - making it impossible to remove them to swap into the headers. The problem is so prevalent, I keep about 6 sensors in stock at any moment just for this reason. They are about $60 from dealer...if they can get em.

So, if you plan on installing longtubes, better grab a set just in case.

We've also noticed that the pass side sensors are the worst. I have had a few drivers come out, and not the pass side....or worse, both are stuck.

Not cool GM.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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