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Several Stingray deliveries from yesterday with Pics. Members of forum get order****

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50 days ago on a Saturday, Members of this Forum Rick and Barbara of Bunker Hill, WV showed up for their appt and I was slammed. I was in the middle of delivering 6 Stingrays and they were the 3rd order of the day...I had to borrow empty office's and was hopping from one office to the that's 9 deals in under 8 hrs, I usually have appts spread out better but some people were anxious to take delivery and I can't blame them. Rick and Barbara were very patient and much appreciative of my help building their Night Race Blue Stingray order. I also met up with them at the Corvettes of Carlisle event in August. They sold their previous Corvette while waiting for their new Vette so it worked out perfect for them! Yesterday they took delivery and below are some pics...Congrats!!!:flag:

Beautiful pair of Corvettes waiting to get delivered...

...and then as Rick and Barbara were about to go into the Business walks Gene from Ijamsville, MD and his first words to me were "May I speak to someone that knows Corvettes" I said I think I can help you with that. As it turns out, Gene owns a "Nissan dealership" just 25 miles North of Criswell and he had never owned a Corvette. So we walked the 40+ Stingrays we have in the inventory and took a 2015 Laguna Blue Z51 cpe with black interior 7spd manual for a ride. Equipped with Carbon Fiber exposed roof and carbon fiber instrument panel and 2LT. He loved the ride and traded in his 2013 Nissan Maxima that his daughter drove to high school as she is now in College and not in need of he thought he would get a Stingray after owning 2 (two) GTR's. Gene's First Vette is a beauty!

Yesterday's other deliveries I will post up tomorrow. Save the Wave!!

Mike Furman
301 212 4420
Criswell Chevrolet
Chevy Corvette Dealer MD | Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, DC, PA | Criswell
"I ship Nationwide!"

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Thanks for a fantastic buying experience Mike, and you're help with everything! Even as you were being slammed, you took time to sit with us and go over every detail of building our beauty! We'll have to do it again! :D
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It would be even funnier if you wholesaled the car back to his dealership ;)

I've run into 2 different kind of dealer principles. Ones who never personally own any car (except perhaps a collectable) and run everything through the dealership and others who don't even drive dealer demos. It just jumped out at me that the owner walked in looking for a salesman. Around here every dealer principle knows every other one so a phone call would have been made.
I was in Mike's office when the Nissan guy walked in and said within ear shot that he was looking for a knowledgeable Corvette guy. I had no idea who he was, but I was thinking he just hit the jackpot with his request.
Also, concerning principle's rides, while I was there, a black Callaway 460 Suburban pulled up right in front of the doors like he owned the place. I commented to an employee that it was one sweet ride, and he said, oh..that's Mr. Criswell. Should have known.
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