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Has anyone had the RPI stage I side skirts installed in Dallas area,if so who installed them.What did they charge?Do you have pick's you can post.

Thanks Richard
They are fairly easy to install. They do require drilling (see image below) It is easier with two people, but I did do mine on my own. Just used a jack to hold up the other end. Then started by doing every other hole until I got to the rear. Then went back and drilled the remaining holes since it was already on pretty solid with half of them complete. Made it easier than having to put pressure on it to make sure it was flush to the body for each hole.

I was hesitant having to drill. I almost put them right back in the box when I saw that. But I decided to take them out to the car and hold them up and was in awe at how good they looked. Then I couldn't wait to get them on. Sure, I didn't like the idea of drilling, but realized, if you want side skirts, it's really the only way to install them properly for the long run.

I just imagined the taped on ones and someone resting their foot on it, pulling it off the tape while I was 100 miles from home with it flopping around and no tools to take it all the way off. That image horrified me more than drilling a few holes.

I posted the photo below to show where the holes are drilled. It's not the "side" of the car you are drilling into. You'd have to get down very low to see the holes if you ever took them off. The place to drill as shown below, is below the last curve of the door and nearly faces the ground, far more than it faces outward. Again, you'd have to get really low to see the holes.

I can't imagine why someone would take them off after putting them on. But after I thought about it, the piece you drill into is a separate small rocker panel below the door and rear fender. The small holes could be very easily patched and painted. Or for those more anal about it, that small body piece could be replaced relatively cheap.

The look of them sold me on it. I love the thicker curved edge compared to the very thin carbon fiber skirts I've seen elsewhere. Other than those who truly know the Corvette, no one can tell they are an aftermarket add on when they look at the car.

Hope that helps

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