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I sold my 2015 Z51 and am parting out the many track goodies I had for the car.

These are less than a year old and have seen one day at Road America and two at Blackhawk Farms. Still plenty of life in the Nittos. I MUCH PREFERRED these wheels and tires over stock - the Nittos are a dream on track as they have tons of grip when warm and when you reach the limit of traction, they progressively break away and you just get a little 4-wheel slide, unlike the MPSS's that tend to snap at the limit quite violently. Here are the specs:

Fronts: 18X9 (lug pattern: 5-120.65) TSW NURBURGRING wheels in matte gray with 275/35 R18 95W NITTO NT01 tires.

Rears: 18X10.5 (lug pattern: 5-120.65) TSW NURBURGRING wheels in matte gray with 305/35 R18 NITTO NT01 tires.

Also included but not pictured are an entire set of Gorilla locking lug nuts with key AND OEM TPMS sensors are in each wheel and sync up perfectly with the C7.

These will clear the stock size rotors and calipers, and do not rub anywhere. They will stick out very slightly at the rear, but that's about it.

Here are the little things that make the wheels not perfect - I've never had matte wheels before, and I like to wax my painted rims to keep brake dust from sticking too bad. Well, guess what - you can't wax a matte wheel. Think I'd try just one (or one part of one) to see how it'd go? Nope, not me - I waxed em all at once. I've been able to get off most of the residue with rubbing alcohol, but there's still some on there. They don't affect performance obviously, and these are intended to be track wheels, but you won't win any show n' shines with these on.

There is also a nick that's on the back of one of the front wheels (pictured) when I cut over and past a kerb on Blackhawk and caught the backside of the pavement. It doesn't bother the tire or wheel balance at all, and you can't see it unless the tire's off the car or you're under it.

I only have 3 center caps (lost one at Blackhawk), and the caps will not stay on the fronts at the track. You can buy a new one on eBay for around $25 or so if you really want them.

One of the rear tires picked up a nail on track at Road America (I know, what the hell are nails doing on track at RA?) and was patched. There's a pic of it. The patch has held up perfect at RA and Blackhawk. Even though these are really cheater slicks, there's still between 5/32 and 6/32 of tread depth left at the middle tread.

I was lucky with dry weather when I had these on the car and would drive with them on to and from the track with no issues (other than they're a little loud for the street).

I paid $2500 for these less than a year ago, but they won't fit over my Grand Sport's brakes and are slightly too narrow for it anyway. My loss is your gain, though. Asking $1500 obo plus shipping if necessary. I'm near Chicago and will work with you if you want to meet up. Shipping will depend on where you are. Each front wheel weighs 47 lbs each, rears 53 lbs each, plus some minimal packaging. Figure somewhere between $35 and $100 per wheel via FedEx or UPS Ground. If you're checking ship from zip codes, it's 60026.

Front TSW.jpg
Rear TSW.jpg

First Front Tire

2017-08-26 14.21.41.jpg

First Front Tire

2017-08-26 14.22.08.jpg

Back of First Front Wheel

2017-08-26 14.23.44.jpg

Close up of damage to inside of first front wheel

2017-08-26 14.23.29.jpg

Second Front Wheel

2017-08-26 14.24.26.jpg

Second Front Tire

2017-08-26 14.29.28.jpg

Back of Second Front tire

2017-08-26 14.25.48.jpg

First Rear Wheel

2017-08-26 14.29.48.jpg

First Rear Tire

2017-08-26 14.29.57.jpg

Rear of First Rear Tire

2017-08-26 14.34.11.jpg

Some small chips on rear of first rear wheel

2017-08-26 14.34.14.jpg

Second Rear Wheel

2017-08-26 14.41.01.jpg

Second Rear Tire

2017-08-26 14.41.06.jpg

Back of Second Rear Tire

2017-08-26 14.44.34.jpg

Plugged nail hole, second rear tire

2017-08-26 14.45.10.jpg
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