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Just a heads up on what our customers have encountered thus far:

We have just broken 1000 units between the Single Valve and the Dual Valve system with C7 owners. UPR is currently working with several dealers to resell the UPR Catch Cans to
their customers. This is something that we have seen the dealers accept very well.

The most important fact to remember is that you put your trust in GM and their vehicle has a very well recognized problem with the Oil Ingestion. Gm is trying to build up its customer
relations and expectations. Anything can be argued or disagreed, but the facts that led everyone to catch cans is what GM has been embracing and trying to come up with a fix and even
their own catch can systems. The dealers would never let a catch can lose a GM enthusiast. This is a much different type of mod than making your car faster or louder. This mod is to
maintain the efficiency of the engine and vehicle for the life of the engine. Generally they will increase the engine life by 30% to 40% with proper maintenance. I hope this helped a little bit.

All of UPR s Catch Cans were designed to flow better than any other top performing catch cans to be sure they will perform great in every situation / application. We kept in mind that
many owners can and will forget to empty the catch can so we tested that with one of the heavy commuters to simulate what happens. First of all our can will hold 8-10 ounces and still
function properly. Even when we filled a can up then put it in line to see what it would do to the engine or vacuum in the engine. The results were what we expected and the can would
just pull the air through the can and suck any oil beyond the fill level back into the engine. No engine damage or all these stories people talk about that applies to theory only as we have
tested this on the F150 ecoboost twin turbo trucks as well and got the same results.

I am always amazed at how much better an engine runs and ages with a Catch Can that works like it's supposed to. We just had a new 2015 Mustang GT in to develop a UPR Single Valve
Catch Can System for it. The vehicle now has 403 miles since the install and when I got to look at the system it was very clean synthetic oil ALL ( 1.5 ounces ) of it in just 403 miles on a
brand new Automatic GT under normal driving conditions.

Here's a few questions to ask yourself ?

Is it OK for a brand new car to ingest 1.5 ounces of oil in 400 miles ?

Is that OK because the manufacturer deemed it ok ?

Who's definition of perfect is Ok yours, mine or GM's ?

Should I spend 1-2 percent of my vehicles cost to make my car run cleaner and more reliable ?

Have catch cans been proven to be beneficial ?

I just wanted to put in my experience to help people with seeing the benefits of using a catch can. Not from the business stand point nut as a fellow car enthusiast. I'm not here trying to
convince you of any outlandish claims or telling you if you don't buy our system your engine will fail or have major problems. I see a catch can as a smart man's investment / preventative
measures against valve coking and un-needed oil ingestion and maintenance that could have been avoided with just taking proper care of your vehicle.
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