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Something I have been doing to clean rims

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i have a black z51 with factory black rims, we all know that after even one ride we accumulate a fair amount of brake dust, so after each ride I take a feather duster and dust the break dust off, I do it after each ride and i have found that i can keep the dust down, nothing substutes washing them but it lets me keep them relatively clean between washes.....
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Hello Pebblebeach888:

It has been suggested over the past year that a Swiffer works really well and is small enough that it fits in the cargo net in the rear. No need to wash or clean the swiffer, just throw it out and install and fresh one. They reach into the back of the wheel and are good for doing the claipers as well. I have been doing this for the past 4 months and every second day the wheels get swiffered and it keeps them looking good between washes. The Chrome wheels are only chrome on the front side and in the back they are a machined aluminium which is hard to keep clean. The painted wheels are the easiest and nicest to clean. It fits really well between the Z51 spokes as well.

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