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Something I have been doing to clean rims

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i have a black z51 with factory black rims, we all know that after even one ride we accumulate a fair amount of brake dust, so after each ride I take a feather duster and dust the break dust off, I do it after each ride and i have found that i can keep the dust down, nothing substutes washing them but it lets me keep them relatively clean between washes.....
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I agree swiffers work well but every 3-4 months you need a "deep clean" as mettsllic brake dust can Be virtually invisible, esp in the crannies and pockets on the wheel you can't get at. Sonax wheel cleaner is about the best as it dissolves metal filings....then put on two coats of a polymer like nu finish from the auto parts store and the swiffers will continue to work great. The true test of car fiinish maintenance is not what a new car looks like, its the 4 year anniversary of the car thst shows how its been maintained.....
I've occasionally used a microfiber towel and detail spray too in between washings. Learned the hard way you really want to throw on a disposable glove too, or your hands will be black as coal when you're done! Glen, I have not been using a Swiffer because of your other posts saying the dust will create scratches over time due to the lack of a lubricant (detail spray, water, etc). Have your thoughts changed on this?
Not really, if there is significsnt brske dust a swiffer will scratch. If you use it every time while the dust is not embedded, your ok....but it is needed every time. I personally will always douse in rinseless begore toweling.....
I ordered a bottle of Optimum 32 oz, Amazon 17 bucks. Good for 32 gallons of wash!

Remember 2 oz in a windex bottle with water is the best cleaner for spot cleanings like bird poop, keep it and a towel in the cubby.
Roger. A lot cheaper than the Quick Detailer.
100 times better, QD scratches....
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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