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I thought this was to neat of a story not to post.

This isn't about me or the shop but does give you a bit of an insight into how long I have been around Corvette's over the years.

I've been around Corvette's my entire life and so have my parents. While they were dating in high school my dad managed to save up enough and trade his '55 210 Chevy in on slightly used '60. So even before I was around...there were Corvette's in the family.

Mom with Dad's 1960 back in high school

Dad with his '60

Over the years dad had a number of coupes and Z06's including a 03 Z06 and his current 2008 Z06, but I think that the '60 probably got her into the whole convertible thing...and it was a few years later before we had another one in the family.

This is the 1990 convertible we had when I was in high school

In between the '90 and the '08 shown below, she had a Spiral Gray 04, and a quicksilver 06 convertible.

Mom's 2008 JSB

But, she wanted something a bit newer so this weekend they pulled up in this.

So if anyone has ever heard me say; "it isn't that radical, my mother drives a Corvette". Keep that in mind, and she has for a long time now, and hopefully a good long time to come.

So anyway, I'm excited and proud to see my mom cruising around in her new Stingray.

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Thanks for posting Anthony! Delightful back story :cool:
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