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Spec changes to Z06 powerplant output

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As per Harlan Charles personal Facebook post.

" It's official. 2015 Z06 will have 650hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. Enjoy"

Oh we shall Mr. Charles! Now make with the production! Your customers ARE waiting.
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Wow if it's thrue, it' s gone a be funny!:cool:
And some Z06 new (and repeat) torque numbers for those who want them, thanks to

"As much horsepower as 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 produces, its torque specs are equally impressive. The 650 lb-ft will peak at just 3,600 rpm, and Chevrolet says that over 90 percent of the torque (592 lb-ft) will be available from 2,500 rpm up through 5,400 rpm. For optimal off-the-line acceleration, the engine will produce 457 lb-ft at a low “just off idle” rpm." Add to those: 500 TQ at 1,500 RPM and 600 RPM (correction: RPM to TQ ) at 2,600 RPM.

This fits with one of my favorite expressions by the great Caroll Shelby, "horsepower is for bragging rights, whereas torque is for winning races."

Also from, "The 2015 Z06's stats compare pretty well to the outgoing ZR1, too: the '15 Z06 has 46 lb-ft more torque and an additional 12 hp."
You are correct with Shelby John, but i think you want to say 600 TQ at 2600 RPM.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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