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Spec changes to Z06 powerplant output

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As per Harlan Charles personal Facebook post.

" It's official. 2015 Z06 will have 650hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. Enjoy"

Oh we shall Mr. Charles! Now make with the production! Your customers ARE waiting.
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Wow, really?!
I would never post something like this without confirmation......I could/would be killed lol.
Congratulations for breaking the news here, and welcome to the forum!
Actually, although I am just a layman in comparison to you two (Bob and Tom), what got me was the broad plateau of that torque curve, not the actual peak HP number. Also, the torque peaking below 4000 RPMs got me. Why? Because I know that, for the way I would drive it (not aggressively), that means when I were just humming along minding my own business, but needed a quick acceleration (switching lanes in traffic, or entering an on-ramp) that thing would crush me against the back of the seat without even trying, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT WAS DOING A SECOND BEFORE (that is, anywhere in the RPM band, even slightly above idle).

The shape of the curve is what got me, not the peak numbers.
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rdslon01 you are very sharp to see the flames thru the smoke.
Most people will be drawn to this car when they see that HP number.
Thanks, Bob! That car has what it takes to make all types of people happy.
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