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Spec changes to Z06 powerplant output

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As per Harlan Charles personal Facebook post.

" It's official. 2015 Z06 will have 650hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. Enjoy"

Oh we shall Mr. Charles! Now make with the production! Your customers ARE waiting.
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UP goes the HP;
UP goes the TORQUE;
UP goes the price! :(
Don't forget Bob, "If you can afford a C6 Z06, you'll certainly be able to afford a new Z06" What's changed, other than the horsepower and torque numbers? It's still a pretty big ticket item that not everyone will be able to afford. Just look at all the previous Z06's in comparison to the base Corvette's.... Hasn't it already been declared as being the greatest bang for the buck by most car enthusiasts across the board. Nothings going to change other than the size of the smile on your face and perhaps a little concern when you stuff your foot in it..... Just in case nobody's told you yet....... BE CAREFUL!
Most likely the base price will be about what most are predicting with their crystal balls. I expect that perhaps with the enthusiasm that is/will be prevalent about this car that GM may just inflate those option prices a little more than what we all think they should be and that will be the caveat in all of this. Unfortunate but reality check for those with thoughts of Z07 in their minds.
So, Tom, you are saying that this car may get my attention more than my former C5 Z06!!!!!! Oh, yeah :eek:

This era is feeling a lot like back in 1970 when I was looking at:
The Cuda, Challenger, Charger, Corvette, Chevelle, Camaro, Mustang Mach 1, Javelin.

Settled for a Chevelle Super Sport! :D

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Sorry, and there's probably something seriously wrong with me on this, but the horsepower and torque numbers are just that for me personally. They're just numbers.... We were all impressed with the initial numbers coming in at at least 625HP and 635 Lbs of torque. I observed people bickering and arguing over "Long Live the ZR-1" and how the ZR-1 has 638 HP. In the world according to Tom, that's only 13-more horsepower over the preliminary numbers they announced for the Z06.... Eye roll.... The aftermarket has claimed gains more than that for additions of their cold air intakes or cat back systems. Then there's the numbers the 482" V-10 Viper SRT claims... What is it, 640? Getting back to the initial estimates on the LT-4 of 625+, for those here that's taken their cars to a decent "Tuner" has benefited as much from some minor tweaks and changes. So, I hate to burst any bubbles here but 25-additional horsepower and 15-additional ft. lbs. of torque isn't going to set the world on fire as far as seat of the pants feelings we're going to get from it all. Many won't notice it at all. I'm gathering much of the excitement is the fact the new SAE engine specs on the new LT-4 has surpassed the ZR-1 and the Viper along with a few of the exotics like Ferrari and Porsche.

It's kinda funny, particularly amongst some of the folks in Sprint Car racing. There are always the teams that have to be "Top Dog" in the "Horsepower" numbers, so they attempt to build engines that produce more horsepower on the "DYNO" than anyone else. Guess what? They get their butts handed to them on race day. Why? But they make more horsepower that anyone else.... Yea, at 8500-9000 RPM's and the horsepower and torque curves look like an upside down ice cream cone as well. The ones with the broader curves display much broader and usable horsepower, therefore "Averaging" much higher numbers than the highest. Plus, using 1/3, yes 33.33% less fuel in the process. Say what! Personally, 650 is cool over 625 or 630, but I was more excited over the shape of the curves on the dyno sheet than the actual peak numbers. Just saying.... As far as GM jacking the prices because the final numbers came in higher than their initial estimates doesn't make any sense to this old man because it was already there. All they had to do is tweak on it a little, that's all..... 625 or 650, both are insane on the street.....
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Remember...... It's all about the power!
The power sells, like it or not.

This chart is in the announcement about the high HP/Torque of the Z06 for one reason.... the Z06 has got the power.
I agree it's meaningless, but that is what gets the attention of someone that might be interested in the car...the power is first.

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BOB! I watched your video in it's entirety... OMG!!!! I laughed so hard my stomach began to hurt and tears came to my eyes. In fact, I'm still laughing. You-A-Berry-Berry Funny Guy. Thanks so much, I needed that.. :)
And some Z06 new (and repeat) torque numbers for those who want them, thanks to

"As much horsepower as 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 produces, its torque specs are equally impressive. The 650 lb-ft will peak at just 3,600 rpm, and Chevrolet says that over 90 percent of the torque (592 lb-ft) will be available from 2,500 rpm up through 5,400 rpm. For optimal off-the-line acceleration, the engine will produce 457 lb-ft at a low “just off idle” rpm." Add to those: 500 TQ at 1,500 RPM and 600 RPM at 2,600 RPM.

This fits with one of my favorite expressions by the great Caroll Shelby, "horsepower is for bragging rights, whereas torque is for winning races."

Also from, "The 2015 Z06's stats compare pretty well to the outgoing ZR1, too: the '15 Z06 has 46 lb-ft more torque and an additional 12 hp."
Caroll Shelby was absolutely correct. Those broad torque curves even matter on the drag strip. But on a road course for coming out of turns, they're killer.... And the new 2015 Z06 has it all. Sure, people can spend major $$$$ to build 1000 HP street car, but anyone who been in one will tell you you can't use it all. People, this thing has a 5-year 100,000 mile warranty on top of it all. This thing acts like its a big block...
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