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Spec changes to Z06 powerplant output

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As per Harlan Charles personal Facebook post.

" It's official. 2015 Z06 will have 650hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. Enjoy"

Oh we shall Mr. Charles! Now make with the production! Your customers ARE waiting.
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UP goes the HP;
UP goes the TORQUE;
UP goes the price! :(
Most likely the base price will be about what most are predicting with their crystal balls. I expect that perhaps with the enthusiasm that is/will be prevalent about this car that GM may just inflate those option prices a little more than what we all think they should be and that will be the caveat in all of this. Unfortunate but reality check for those with thoughts of Z07 in their minds.
So, Tom, you are saying that this car may get my attention more than my former C5 Z06!!!!!! Oh, yeah :eek:

This era is feeling a lot like back in 1970 when I was looking at:
The Cuda, Challenger, Charger, Corvette, Chevelle, Camaro, Mustang Mach 1, Javelin.

Settled for a Chevelle Super Sport! :D

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Remember...... It's all about the power!
The power sells, like it or not.

This chart is in the announcement about the high HP/Torque of the Z06 for one reason.... the Z06 has got the power.
I agree it's meaningless, but that is what gets the attention of someone that might be interested in the car...the power is first.

AND when there is more demand vs limited supply, UP goes the price. Those CA dealers are salivating over this as they will tack on those MSRP + $10k tags like crazy now. :(

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rdslon01 you are very sharp to see the flames thru the smoke.
Most people will be drawn to this car when they see that HP number.
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