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*SPECIAL*Griot's Garage The BOSS G15 15mm Long-Throw Orbital (FREE Set of Polishers)
Griot's Garage The BOSS G15 15mm Long-Throw Orbital - FREE Set of Boss Polishers ($98 Value)


Whats Included:

(1) Boss G15 15mm Long -Throw Orbital

(1) Boss Fast Correcting Cream

(1) Boss Correcting Cream

(1) Boss Perfecting Cream

(1) Boss Finishing Sealant

*Polishing Pads are not included

The main advantage of our BOSS long-throw machines is pad rotation. A pad that rotates in a larger orbit does more work per pass, your liquids are more effective, and you get results that surpass expectation. THE BOSS™ G15 has a 15mm orbit, which represents an 87% increase in orbit throw compared to a conventional orbital's 8mm throw. THE BOSS is the most innovative orbital ever. Griot's Garage is the first to integrate a fully variable trigger that allows the user to throttle the tool from a dead stop to the maximum dial setting incrementally throughout the sweep of the trigger. This acutely focuses the control you have over the tool and your ability to create a truly flawless finish. This tool is built right using the best of the best. Packing 900 watts of muscle, BOSS orbitals are the most powerful on the market. Their advanced, precision-machined steel counterbalance is a cut above and they use NSK™ bearings, the best in the world. The G15 comes equipped to use our BOSS 5" pad system and is recommended for experienced enthusiasts or detailers.

For more information, please visit our website: ZIC Motorsports

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