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Spray-on protective film

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Anyone try this?

3M showed their Paint Defender system, the key piece of which is a canned aerosol spray-on film that hardens to a protective transparent layer to protect the front of your car from bugs, stone chips, and other minor hazards. Designed for the do-it-yourselfer, the system also includes a cleaner wax, spray trigger, microfiber towel, masking tape, and a plastic sheet for masking. Available at retailers including, Best Buy, and others, the Paint Defender System costs about $50 and is claimed to last a year or more. It includes one can of spray, but we were told most cars will require an additional can for another $25. 3M claims the Paint Defender is safe to use on clear-coat finishes, and the film can be peeled off without damage when desired. Detailed instructions and videos are available to help with the application, and it is recommended that DIYers take their time following the directions and in properly prepping the vehicle for best results. A similar product called Custom Shield is available from Armor All.
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We did, it on a friends really sets up with a texture finish and does not clean well....there is no substitute for a hi quality film like XPEL...or the others....
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