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Stages 1,2,3 Aero Pictures

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Stage 1,2,3: Aero Pictures:

As we know, are three stages of aerodynamic performance components available on the Z06. These are the only pictures we have of Stages 1 and 2. When we get better ones, these will be replaced.

Stage 1 is standard equipment and only includes a flat front splitter, front wheel spats and the standard Z51 Stingray rear spoiler.

Note that the outer/lower fascia vents are the same size as in the StingRay, and the Z-51's rear deck spoiler.

Stage 2 is optional, and additionally includes a more aggressive CF front splitter, front corner small vertical "winglets," CF rocker panel extensions, and a larger CF rear spoiler with a fixed "wickerbill" and Gurney flap aero tabs on the back for increased downforce. Includes "hooded" rear fender vents, and "double wide" lower/outer rear fascia vents. The Stage 2 carbon-fiber aero package is available in either black carbon-fiber (CFZ) or a visible carbon-fiber finish (CFV). The CF rocker panel extensions are identical size/shape of those on Z07 version.



Stage 3 is the Z07 package. When delivered to the dealership, it looks almost like a Stage 2 car; however, in the trunk are the extra-large, end-of-front splitter winglets, and the clear, adjustable center Gurney flap segment that bolts to the rear spoiler. All GM Z06 Velocity Yellow and Tiger Shark Gray pictures to date are of Z07's. See following thread for those pictures.
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