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Apparently we were all correct in assuming that the new Stingray availability is going to be choked down by GM. There are over 3,000 Chevy dealers in the US of A, and not all of them are going to be able to get their hands on a Stingray. Starting in the latter part of this summer, 900 dealers (one can assume that these dealers are the ones that moved the highest C6 volume last year) are going to be able to sell the car that we all have been lusting over since it's announcement.

The ordering process for the new car has already been started and prioritized by the dealers and GM. There is no Stingray option on the GM Configurator just yet, so you need to have a real good relationship with your local oil slick haired car dealer to get your hands on a winning ticket. Hopefully they are on the list and not selling you a spot on the list for the second round of Stingrays shipped from Bowling Green.

This may have handicapped the dealer that you are swapping emails and calls about the exact options that you want on that car that is going to fill the Production #XXXXXXX on the Bowling Green assembly line. It could be that those very unsold C6 Corvettes that you sit next to in the showroom that are whetting your appetite to get the brand new one are the Corvettes that are pushing your delivery date back.

GM wants to get every aspect of the new car right so they are not rushing things in the least. They are probably limiting the release a little to make sure that if, heaven forbid, there are some problems, they can limit their damage control. After all this is a brand new car.

This is the time to call your dealer, and ask exactly how many C6's they moved last year...

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