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Hope you guys can help! I know I am arriving late to the party but does anyone know a dealership that still has any allocations with the Z51 package? The best I have been getting is ordering without it which from the advice I have seen on hear that would be a mistake. This will be my first Vette so I am new to this and unsure if I should do it without or not. I am from the Georgia area but working in Afghanistan so the dealership location doesn't matter as much.

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Trey20, I know Kerbeck corvette in Atlantic City, NJ was suppose to get over 500, hopefully there is one for you there!, Dean:
Trey20, I've seen some 2014's on EBay. About 24 of them some are way way. Overpriced, some not so bad, Dean
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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