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Trying to NOT let the weather spoil the moment!
(great job Ron..we both know the wind was 20+, raining and 33 degrees…)

Excited to share yet another ( and many more to come because of this New Corvette ) story about brand cross over and first time Corvette owners. Just the other day we share (HERE ) the story of Garry and his excitement for the new one…

Continue now for a brief account of Ron from San Francisco’s Corvette story…

With so much exposure we have on the web and so many of you sharing nice comments, Ron came to us regarding a custom ordered 2014 Corvette.

Sure he tried locally, but it was either an availability issue or simple arrogance from the local guys; thinking that he would not seek out proper info from a focused dealer……glad he found us and it was a pleasure talking with him…I could tell he was waiting for the surprise that never came…we took the order, I was even looking back at our emails as we confirmed a list of questions he had for me….

(from late September)

And because his order did not contact constrained items we nailed the arrival time….took order late September and car got here a week ago..he picked it up 11/11

Just getting here was story in itself….flying from San Fran, they had a lay over in Chicago….then the co-pilot was not cleared for flight, then the check engine light came on…then the weather….and yeah, still got here, whew!:crazy:

When Ron and his buddy from high school Ron came in , the weather had just started getting bad here, bummer…welcome to Ohio, don’t like the weather, wait til tomorrow, it changes that much….

So we were inside going over the car….he was so excited I could tell he was not listening to me…that’s cool, I get it….

Then his wife texts him, wants to see a picture…so I take a pic of him sitting in the car..she texts back..NO I WANT TO SEE THE CAR…. :lol:
We went through the controls, registered his OnStar…he told me form just sitting in the car he was impressed and he has had Lambo’s, Lotus, 911’s….and his first ever Corvette….the Stingray

Congratulations and welcome to the family sir….:thumbs:

Ron is currently heading home and plans to travel Route 66…be he tells me, they plan to call it "Route 67"…as he is 67 and enjoying every moment! They are taking pics form the trip and I’ll share some as we get them…..

What a nice man…..Yet another moment I am truly proud to be a part of…thank-you!:cheers:


I sincerely thank you for making it possible for me to own this fantastic car.

After scraping the snow off the car this morning, we waited until the sun came out to warm the roads before we set off to St Louis, MO. The car was set on Weather Mode and it tracked like a champ on the frozen roads. After we got further south, and it warmed to 36 degrees, we were able to open it up and it was really a pleasure to drive. I mean REALLY a pleasure. It was confidence inspiring to know you had total control in bad weather. GM should be proud of what they have accomplished. This car is a quality product and equal to the best cars in the world. The interior is very efficient with the layout of the controls ergonomically well designed. Seats are ultra comfortable and visibility excellent in every direction.

The steering is precise and light but sensitive to road surfaces. It is unlike the Porsche 911 steering where there is a dead zone before the wheel starts freely turning. You can feel the different driving modes react with the steering input. Suspension is as good as the Lotus but we have not tried it out on any twisty roads yet.

The Stringray suspension is more compliant than the 911. The 911 feels like you are wearing Dr. Martin’s with lug soles, solid but heavy footed. The C7 and Evora feel like wearing Mizuno track shoes to give you superior agility.

We did wander into the town of Casey, IN in search of the world’s largest golf tee and largest wind chime and encountered some rough roads but it was no problem for the suspension. We never found the golf tee! It must have been converted to the wind chime, not picture worthy.

We continued to St Louis and the Navi took us right through a maze of alleys, over a cobblestone street and around traffic to our hotel. Then we went over the the St Louis Gateway Arch and took a ride up the 657 feet high elevator for a 31 miles view of the city. It is flat here! We could see the sun set and figured that is our final destination when it hits the ocean.

That evening we once again relied on the Navi and it took us through parts of town we would have never been brave enough to venture at night and we ended up at Pappy’s Smokehouse. It was well worth the effort. Yum!

Off to Oklahoma City tomorrow, another 500 mile journey.

We will be taking a lot more pictures in the next few days.



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Ron, enjoying your trip, and especially your comparative comments about the Corvette. Know you've owned, or own now, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Lotus, a Porsche and more, so your praise about the StingRay means a lot.

Looking forward to reading your next day's blog! Thank you, and safe and fun travels!!!
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