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Hello everyone, glad you checked in today…because we now have the second part of Ron from San Francisco’s trip back after picking up his First ever Corvette….a 2014 Stingray!

He and his buddy from high school are having a blast….

It really is a thrill for me to be a part of each and every delivery; you can tell this New Corvette is something special…I am seeing current Corvetters enjoying the new car and more than ever, FIRST TIMER Corvette owners.

Getting these reports from Ron are outstanding…he may end up writing for Motor Trend or something, this is good stuff and feedback that will help many of you future Corvette owners


Continue for Day two.....Ron has a little Waffle house along the way home


Here are some pixs with us are on our way to Oklahoma City. We had not had waffles in 20 years so we could not resist the temptation after passing one Waffle House after another. Waffles were like a foreign food to us.

The attractions along the way were right out of the 60’s and most were already closed for the season.

And the Haunted House restaurant really was haunted, especially where it was located.

We did another 500 miles in the Corvette. We affectionately named her, YeVette and talk to the Navi by that name.

We did get a chance to take side road, a twisty side road and did some aggressive driving. I have had years of track experience and I can testify this car can keep up with anything from Europe and Asia. I engaged Sport mode and the open baffled exhaust was music, the music of power. The A6 auto transmission was seamless both with the paddle shifters or left on automatic. The paddle shift action is a millisecond slower than a true dual clutch but it is just as rewarding to have direct control on the transmission. The suspension mates movement with action and keeps momentum to your advantage.

You might be able to tell I’m very pleased with this car.

Lane changes require a little more precaution since other cars tend to follow in your blind spot gawking at you. Fortunately correctly positioned side mirrors pick up the sight of any vehicle tracking beside you and a brief touch of the throttle jets you forward to make room to change lanes.

I had one conversation with a gentleman who came over and said, “I just can’t get over why they changed all the things that made a Corvette a Vette.” He said he had 3 Vettes and noted all the features he loved about his old cars. I told him this was my first Corvette ever and that I had absolutely no knowledge about the history of Vettes. But I can understand his dilemma. I guess it is hard to separate with a love that defined the prime of his life, even if it was decades ago.


More to come...I can't wait....!

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