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Suitcases below roof in coupe trunk

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Planning for our museum delivery in a few weeks and we are wondering how thick a suitcase/bag will fit underneath the roof when the panel is stored in the truck?

If someone could measure the distance from the bottom of the panel to the truck deck that would be great.

I'm thinking we should simply pack 2 soft duffle style bags but hoping 2 20" soft side carry ons will work since I like having the roller bags getting around Atlanta between flights.


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I bought my car in Va while visiting my son. The car was sitting on the dealer's floor (Premier Edition Coupe). I made them an offer and drove the car home to So Florida. The car came with a 5 piece set of luggage which condensed into two average travel suitcases. We also had three other average size suitcase, a backpack and two addition bags. We lined the suitcases up standing on their side. The trunk or hatch area whichever u want to call it has an amazing amount of room. Traveling with a Vette is easy and of course fun to drive. We average 27 mpg on this. 925 mile drive. Good luck and have fun.

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The measurements are; 17.5" clearance at the highest point down to just over 11" at it's lowers. The average travel suitcase is 14" x 24" x 8".

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