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Suitcases below roof in coupe trunk

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Planning for our museum delivery in a few weeks and we are wondering how thick a suitcase/bag will fit underneath the roof when the panel is stored in the truck?

If someone could measure the distance from the bottom of the panel to the truck deck that would be great.

I'm thinking we should simply pack 2 soft duffle style bags but hoping 2 20" soft side carry ons will work since I like having the roller bags getting around Atlanta between flights.


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Mark I will be glad to check if someone else doesn't answer you shortly, but it will a couple of days. I can tell you that with the panel stored in RedHot's trunk I have been able to get a full sized cart bag with clubs in beneath it. If your rollers are more like duffle bags with wheels it should not be a problem, but if they are standard 22" carry ons, that might not work. You definitely want the panel properly secured with the built in latches in the trunk when it is back there so as to prevent it from moving on sudden deceleration.
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