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For those still on the fence about wrapping your C7 in a quality wrap here is my recent experience.
After several years i had my first Ah Crap moment. You can imagine that feeling when you hear the sound of scrapping as you pull to the curb to park.... first thought I ruined a chrome wheel. Jumped out and checked no wheel damage. So relieved i got back in to the car and headed home only to find I had hit the lower right side bumper on the curb scrapping a 1X2 area , Lot's of red paint and scratches. I immediately started trying to remove the red paint with a mild abrasive way. had some success and was left with this..

I managed to scrap the entire PPF wrap away down to the paint. Now the good news was the paint underneath the wrap w 20190813_082229.jpg as untouched and perfect so the wrap took the entire scope of punishment I dished out. Feeling pretty lucky today i went to the shop and inquired into the repair. While there i mentioned I had some marks from small hits on the lower rockers in front of the rear wheels and what could we do about that . So this shop I use said they have started recommending a second piece of PPF in that specific area on top of the entire rocker piece. This way if and when it becomes marked or damaged from inevitable stone strikes you just peel off the outer layer and replace it with a new one and it's perfect again. Even better he charges next to nothing his customers who the PPF wrap with his shop. .

And after the fix..

And here is the side shot with the new lower rocker piece and additional protection...

20190813_121059 (1).jpg

Needless to say i am very happy with my decision to spend the dollars to wrap the car in excellent quality wrap 2 years ago. It paid for itself as I am sure repairing that damage had i not had the wrap would have been very expensive and no guarantees on matching paint etc. And a lot more careful in the future pulling into a parking spot.
Sorry about the upside down pics. My computer skills are worse than my parking skills unfortunately...
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