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Tail of the Dragon

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I will be driving this road in a few weeks, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done it, i.e. things to watch out for, gearing, speeds, special attractions, etc.
For those unfamiliar, the "Tail" is U.S. 129 going from east Tennessee into west North Carolina. Over 300 curves in a distance of about eleven miles. Thanks.
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It is a great ride, did it in May. When I finished, I was so sad it was over I turned around and did it in opposite direction. You don't have to go but 5 or 10 mph over speed limit to have an exhilarating ride (conditions/traffic/curves permitting of course). Best advice is to avoid weekends and later in day when traffic could be heavy. I stayed in hotel in Alcoa, TN hotel night before (Tail of the Dragon special rate, go to Tail of Dragon website) so I could hit it in the morning. Did my first run around 10 am. Traffic increased steadily afterwards. On my second run, a lot of motorcycle traffic, which will slow you down, as the cycles can't go as fast as the c7 on the curves. Keep a good distance behind vehicles in front of you, especially motorcycles of course. Be hyper vigilant for traffic crossing over double yellow into your lane. I did not have a single incident, but saw a lot of videos from people who did encounter that sort of thing.
Funny, I hit all those roads the day after I picked my C7 up at NCM. Was quite a break-in!
Those rain shots are the most interesting I've ever seen! Especially with the bit of sunlight.
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I'm sure buckeye had a clear view ahead. Right?
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