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Tail of the Dragon

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I will be driving this road in a few weeks, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done it, i.e. things to watch out for, gearing, speeds, special attractions, etc.
For those unfamiliar, the "Tail" is U.S. 129 going from east Tennessee into west North Carolina. Over 300 curves in a distance of about eleven miles. Thanks.
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Was there 2 years ago with my '10 GS, my personal take, forget about speed, probably about 30-35 is about it, then you have to slow down to negotiate the next turn, so you might as well keep a constant speed of about 25. After about a third of the way through, I got bored as hell, it started to become tedious, all you're doing is swinging the wheel left to right constantly, no straight driving at all. I couldn't wait to hit a straight away towards the end on the TN side, what a relief. I got the "been there, done that" T-shirt, will never do it again.

Now this is my take on it, so you may love the hell out it and turn around and do it again.

Most importantly, don't let that car's power get to you, you go too fast, you will lose it. When I went through, two tow trucks were yanking a C5 out of the bush at one spot, and a biker at another that ran into trees.......not fun.

Just drive conservatively, you should be OK. Enjoy.
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