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Tail of the Dragon

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I will be driving this road in a few weeks, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done it, i.e. things to watch out for, gearing, speeds, special attractions, etc.
For those unfamiliar, the "Tail" is U.S. 129 going from east Tennessee into west North Carolina. Over 300 curves in a distance of about eleven miles. Thanks.
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I did it on labor day and there wasn't too much traffic I thought; however it was also raining while I was in it. I never topped 40 mph and I got out of 3rd once, mainly stayed in 2nd. It as a great ride and the online sites took some great photos of me driving it. The pull offs are a great way to let faster drivers go by. I was lucky in that I didn't have anyone in front or behind me. Enjoy your trip and stay alert add you will see it is very demanding that you alert and in control at all times.

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As you can see, I didn't have the best weather to make the drive, but it was still fun. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Corvette stingray Sports car
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Fascinating shots vabuckeye! Did you take a 'camera crew' with you? Well done. :cool:
Haha no, I wouldn't do that to people I like. These were taken by 3 different websites set up in several different curves. You have to pay to download them. They do a good job. Can't wait to go back through there on a sunny day.

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I did for that curve but cusa is exactly right, you should never be over the center lines on that road, ever.

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