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Tail of the Dragon

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I will be driving this road in a few weeks, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done it, i.e. things to watch out for, gearing, speeds, special attractions, etc.
For those unfamiliar, the "Tail" is U.S. 129 going from east Tennessee into west North Carolina. Over 300 curves in a distance of about eleven miles. Thanks.
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Deer, lots and lots of deer. You're going during the rut. That's "mating season" for you city folk.

The speed limit was also dropped to 30 mph. Follow it!!!

Back in June, a week after we went on it, a guy was killed on it.

Two years ago, a guy here at work went on it and ended up in the hospital out there for 6 months. He finally came back to work a few months ago.

It's a fun drive, but use the pull-offs when someone comes up from behind, follow the speed limit, stay in your lane, and be vigilant.
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Be sure to drive it on a weekday. Less motorcycles.
Here are some other great roads in the area - Devil's Triangle, Moonshiner 28, Cherohala Skyway. (See links below)
You are going to have a blast!!

Devils Triangle TN survive this hostile two lane adventure...
Moonshiner 28 Motorcycle Tour | Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Rentals & Tours
The Cherohala Skyway, a National Scenic Byway
What he said! Those roads are awesome too!

I actually enjoyed the Cherohala and Moonshiner 28 much more than the TOTD.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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