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I recently added a device to my 2015 Z51. I needed power on when the engine was running but otherwise off. Perhaps my findings may be of some help to others in the future.

C7 Corvette Engine Compartment Fuse Box
Listed below are some of the easily accessible fuses that can be “tapped” easily with an add on fuse tap device generally available.
Only those with no voltage with the engine off are listed.
Those with an “X” after them have normal ~12 volt DC voltage when the engine isrunning.

15X 14 19 28X
27X 30X 31X 32X
42X 36X 41 34
52 39X 40X 33
#30X is the seat fans and has a good orientation for a fuse tap.

View attachment C7 Corvette Engine Compartment Fuse Box.pdf

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Thanks for researching and putting this up along with developing the downloadable pdf of it. :eek:nthego:
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