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Discussion Starter · #1 · Jolene back today. I knew I wanted her protected and safe from the after having her only a week or 2, I brought her in to get worked on over at Detail Design Auto Spa here in Georgia. After doing some research and seeing this Jean-Claude’s work…I wanted him working on my car.

First thing they did was wash the hell out of her and get all the factory chemicals and anything else off her. Full strip wash and clean. Apparently very important cause of what factory and dealers put on to ‘gloss up’ your ride. Then it was paint correction time. You would be amazed the bad paint details and swirls out of the factory along with holograms and everything else. The buffing and waxing a lot of dealerships do actually cause more paint damage than if they had just left it alone. So...a full body paint correction needed to be done on her and get every single imperfection out of the paint. Major time consuming and a lot of skill. When you see the pics you’ll be amazed.

Next…decided to do a custom carbon fiber Stinger Stripe on the hood. We played around with a few different types but this ended up looking amazing. Really love how it turned out instead of the factory add-on option. Next it was clear wrap time!

I know most get a clear bra on the front...I went all out and had pretty much the entire car coated with it. From the rocker panels to the A pillars…the entire front of the car and hood...everything got the self healing Suntek clear protection wrap. Look the stuff up…it’s pretty amazing and has a great warranty on it as well. Watching them do the ‘self healing’ demo right in front of me was very cool. Protect as much as you can…here in Atlanta traffic is brutal and there’s always construction on something meaning rocks and Tar…this stuff helps against that big time.

CQuartz Finest is some amazing stuff...especially the professionally installed version. If you haven’t seen it…google that stuff. When you have a full clean/strip and paint correction done...nothing is going to protect it and make it last like that CQuartz Finest does. Every review and video I watched talked about how amazing it was, the water shedding properties, everything. So I had him do the entire car, wheels taken off and Rims coated, the Inner Doors, even the painted part between the seats in it. The exterior is now like glass and protected. When you work with an authorized installer…you get a different level of CQuartz Finest installed and setup on your car and a warranty. (lots of details online..look it up…just be ready to be without your car for a few days while it sets in)

Can’t forget about interior. Had him clean/strip the factory chemicals on every part of the interior...from the dashboards to the seats, floors, everything. Get it all cleaned and stripped down. Then all of the surfaces were treated and protected. Next was the leather seats and the micro suede inserts protected and treated as well. Now everything is good to go.
Window tinting time. After much research...went with the ceramic window tint. The heat transfer protection it has is off the even though it's more's outstanding in the long run. Once again…google up some of the video’s on ceramic tint and the difference and you’ll be amazed as well. They did an amazing job…took the door panels off and spent hours installing the film so it was perfect. No solution left in the bottom of the door…god only knows what that would do to the crazy amounts of electronics in the door. Make sure whoever does your tint doesn't sit there spraying your door to death and letting it all run down inside. 35% put on all the windows and rear.

Few other things done as well...need some pics with the top down when it's a little warmer to show that. Had the convertible roof treated and protected and will now repel water just like CQuartz. Anyone with a convertible knows how those things seem to absorb water…not anymore. The windows were all treated on the outside as well for maximum beading and run off. I know most of you will never drive yours in the rain but here in Ga…it happens.

All in all...this cost a pretty penny and was without my new toy for about 10 days...BUT...she's perfect, protected, and ready for many days ahead. I'll attach a few pictures...hopefully you will see the difference. Any questions or details on any of it, ask away. Oh...the lens flair in some is on purpose...watched the new Star Trek movies too much! :) . Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Hood
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Shane, "Outstanding" and Torch Red to boot!! Life is good.

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