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The dreaded flat tire

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I know we all have run flat tires. Living in the West I drive on many remote roads. I have ridden motorcycles for many years and always carry a plug kit and a compact 12 VDC compressor. Fortunately I have never had to use it. Does any one carry this equipment in their C7 or has anyone plugged a tire this big?
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I carry the Slime Safety Spair Flat Tire Repair System in RedHot and as well as each of my cars. I have not had any need to use it but like the redundancy of it with the run flats. The Slime kit includes the air pump and a separate tank of their sealant in line with the air pump. I chose it for my cars since it is non-flammable, does not interfere with the TPM when it is in the tire, and can be washed out with water if you want to when the tire is taken off the wheel.:cool:
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Question, can the sealant foul the TPMS air-pressure sensors?
No Slime does not.
I noticed a lot of different models of the 'Slime' one's...what one did you pick to work with yours?
The specific one I picked is in my post.:)
Run-Flat Tires
This vehicle, when new, had run-flat tires.
Correct, but run-flats will lose their air when punctured and then should not be driven more than 50 miles. If you take your Stingray on the road it certainly is possible to be more than 50 miles from help (at least out here in desert country) so having the option to do an on-the-spot repair and get safely back on the road is nice to have.
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This has been a very helpful thread, i have never given much thought to getting a flat in any of my cars ,i guess i should start thinking about it. I have aaa as well as a service thru my insurance co. That acts like aaa. Not having to wait for help seems to be a good policy and i'll make it my business to get one of these products today thanks jc
You also have the road side assistance from Chevy as part of the warranty, but as you point out, it is nice to know if there is a long wait or you don't have cell service you can take care of it yourself.
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