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RE: Let's see Pictures of:

I downloaded a few photos. I can't take credit for any of these ideas. I browsed through the threads here and picked out a few easy and obvious mods. A new owner might find it convenient to get a list of what I found.

The cup holders are shown with one pulled out so you can see it. The rubber teeth grab the bottom of whatever you put in there and keep the container from falling over. It seems to work well and can be easily removed. Also shown in the photo is the Pro-Fit cellphone holder. That snaps in without drilling and works well but it's a bit expensive. The coin holder is held in place with double-sided tape. There is an MGW short-throw shifter under the shift boot but you can't see that.

When I bought my car, there was a Z06 on the floor that had optional rims with a red stripe. I thought it looked very nice with the red calipers but it was a very expensive option. I bought stripe-it-all stripes and installed per the video instructions. They seem to stick well and look as good as the factory option for about a grand less. My wife and I put them on in about an hour. Unlike the factory rims, if I scratch mine, it would be simple to replace the tape. If you look very closely you can see the tape seam.

There's also a clear bra on the front of the car but you can't see that, obviously. It's 3M and I paid to have it applied. I read through various threads and looked at DIY videos. I figured that I'd make a mess if I tried it myself and it would never come out right. $900 at a local auto-body shop. My last 'vette had stone chips on the front bumper and lower hood.

The seat-belts drove me nuts for the first few days, always slipping out of the seat bracket and disappearing behind the seat somewhere. The clip snaps onto the bracket and keeps the strap where it belongs.

The sunvisor warning label was bothering me. I took the sunvisors entirely off my old vette but I'd rather not mess with these because the garage door opener is in there. I got a stick-on fabric piece that hides the label but it's not a perfect color match. I thought it still looked wrong and since it's a convertible the things are quite visible. I purchased C7 decals but they didn't stick well. I applied and carefully cut double-sided tape to them. It sticks well now and I think it looks very nice as shown in the attached photo.

The last photo is me buying my new car last month. My local chevy dealer, MacMulkin, still has 329 '19 vette's on the floor. Very few M7 and no Z51. You can get a new stingray coup for as little as $45k.


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