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As some of you have been waiting months after placing orders, still at 1100, and as we do not have a forum dealership sponsoring vendor, here you go, another option

"Hello, I just wanted to pass the word that I now have 3 Z51 Stingrays in stock and ready for immediate approx 25 non Z51 Stingrays both in Cpe and Convt.

Z51 Stingrays @ MSRP:

1) Triple Black Convt 3LT Auto Trans ~ MSRP is $75,230

2) Cyber Gray and Brownstone 3LT cpe 7spd manual~ MSRP is $67,785

3) Arctic White with Black 3LT cpe 7spd manual- MSRP is $71,360"

On East Coast, though he ships nationwide (your cost). PM me if interested. Top dealer: personal knowledge of his integrity.
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