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Throttle Control and E-LSD Indicator - 2015 Z51 A8

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Folks: Have a couple questions / observations...

In manual, 3rd gear, I was accelerating at 1/3 throttle to about 3.5k RPM and then letting off and dropping down near 1500, and then repeating to assist rings in seating. Sort of additional "break in" exercise. I noticed when I let off the throttle the engine doesn't immediately go into compression but hovers for a moment, then drops to around 2500 RPM and then hovers again, and then drops to ~1800, where it actually increases rpm to ~2000, before falling off again toward 1500. I tried this in tour, sport, and all five track modes, with no change. I know it's fly by wire - but is this emission driven controls kicking in, or what? I'd have assumed in track mode that the throttle would not be altered by the computer, but obviously, that's not true. Any thoughts?

Secondly, when checking performance in Sport mode, when I toggle to the E-LSD it gives me a variable rating in the center between 6 and maybe 12, with the right rear showing 30% slip, and the left rear 0. Seems to be independent of throttle position, or right / left turns - I'd expect even or no slip at either wheel when driving straight down the road. Sensor issue?

Thanks much...

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OK - so on the second issue - the E-LSD display, the 0 - 30 is the range on the display. The actual slippage is indicated by a fanning green light below the range display. The 0-30 never changes - it's the range. The actual slippage is indicated by the fanning light, much like a tach needle.
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