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time estimate from day of order?? What am i looking at?

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So, most of you have more knowledge about this than I do. I placed my order today, approximately how long is the process from here??? Still cant believe I ordered a '15 corvette!!!! :D
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wow! I'm getting a 2lt, clear roof, auto, and a few other options. Nothing too crazy. My dealer told me 4-6 months!!!
thanks for the responses guys. Unfortunately (or fortunately actually) a family member works for a sister dealership of the gm one and is getting me a very good price so im sticking with this dealer :) its winter soon anyway, so i dont mind waiting a couple of extra months. :D
Then they should have no problem getting you a copy and periodic updates on the GM OrderWORKBENCH, so you will know where you stand.
I hope so...
I traded my 2007 and gave it to them to sell while the season is still good and the dealer gave me a new vehicle to drive while I wait 6 to 8 weeks for my 2015 z51 convertible, Auto to be built and delivered. I have to keep the mileage low on the loaner but what great service from my dealer.
WOW!!!! Thats pretty good service! I did the same with my '06. Turned it in last friday. I'm going thru withdrawal already and its only 3 days!!!! gonna be a long 6 months...
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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