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time estimate from day of order?? What am i looking at?

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So, most of you have more knowledge about this than I do. I placed my order today, approximately how long is the process from here??? Still cant believe I ordered a '15 corvette!!!! :D
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wow! I'm getting a 2lt, clear roof, auto, and a few other options. Nothing too crazy. My dealer told me 4-6 months!!!
yeah, you don't have an "order" really, he just took your money and is hoping....think of it like sending a UPS package - he wrapped the package and sent it on his doorstep (order input) but no telling when the truck is coming to pick it up...He's called UPS, but they have not said when they would come could sit on the doorstep forever...

the MOMENT they input your order, they can print this: ask for it - ask the sales manager -until it says 2000 in the red circle, you really have nothing, a car is not being built for you. Notice how my name is on it, not the dealer name:
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