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Hi folks, Im new to this forum.
I had an early C5 and loved it. Then went through a TT, M3, 911S, and have a new convertible StingRay on order and can't wait to get back to good old american muscle.
However, the one space where each of those convertibles ate my vette's lunch was with the top down driving over 60 MPH. At that speed in my Vette, I could not hear myself think (I do have hearing issues at my age). The M3 in particular could be driven at 80MPH and you could talk as if the roof were up - nice to have rear windows.
So, the question is: Was Chevy able to do anything about this? Probably not because of the design which excludes rear windows as a deflector. But, it would have been nice if you could push a button and pop up a rear seat wind deflector. Does anyone know if there are plans for a wind deflector (manual or not) or has anyone driven the convertible at speed and noticed how much wind noise there is?
Thanks, Tom
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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